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the emperor’s new climate

June 12, 2007

It has been two years since climate change arrived in Antioch, and I have been patiently awaiting the mini-ice-age I was promised in Fifty Signs of Rain. I suppose it could take another year or two…

The summer before last we had many unusually humid days, as I remember. Last summer, however, we had high temperatures and high humidity almost all summer long. I will never forget walking outside in the afternoon, when it was 111 degrees, and looking up at an overcast yet boiling sky. I felt like the endtimes had truly arrived.

Anyone who has lived in California knows this is not normal weather. We have high temperatures in the summer but always with dry air and flawless blue skies. What amazes me is that no one seems to comment on the high humidity (e.g. on weather reports) even when it is clearly visible in the figures they’re posting. Is this some kind of cover-up?

In the last twenty years I’ve seen the local landscape decimated and the community nearly destroyed, but I never thought I’d really see climate collapse– I think this, more than anything, has convinced me of the immediate reality of global warming…

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