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armageddon lite

September 7, 2007
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I was sitting out front waiting for a ride last Sunday, and my neighbor came out of the house. “It’s hot,” he said. “Yeah,” I answered, “it is– I think it’s going to be hot for one more day.” “Just one more day?” he asked, perplexed, as if I were telling him I had a special line to the weather gods.

Well, the next day WAS beautiful, mild and crystalline. I really thought this horrible global-warming summer had ended right on schedule.

And then… the weird white sky with the brown haze, the stifling air that makes you feel like you’re being cooked under a blanket. “Is something on fire?” I asked. We knew there was a grass fire in Morgan Hill, but that was awfully far away. This made it seem like the entire West was burning.

Apparently the smoke is mostly from Plumas County– the wind shifted. But there seem to be fires everywhere, all the time, these days. Are there more than there were before, or are we just hearing about them more? Is it the weather, or the population, or is it really just nature as it’s always been?

When we were kids, grass fires were big entertainment around here, and there were two or three every summer. In those days, we had plenty of grass. But they didn’t go on for days and days and cover the whole state with smoke. Where does it end?

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