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sylvan shimmer

October 10, 2007

It really rained last night!

I’ve been reading all the sad wailing entries on Letter Graveyard from the East and Midwest, begging God to please make it feel like Fall. Here in the Bay Area, we’ve been having perfect California Indian summer weather*and after the overnight rainfall (you know, like in Camelot), it’s so unbelievably clear and beautiful… There is so much juniper and lavender and rosemary in people’s yards, that the combination of water and sunlight give the air a woodland quality.

A nice change from dry grass and vehicle exhaust fumes.

The only drawback to this new woodland aura: horrible creepy termites with their *shudder* detachable wings.

*Is that term still acceptable? I find it so beautiful, with its undertone of sorrow and eclipse, but when I think about it, maybe its origin is not so poetic…

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