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wouldn’t it be nice

November 6, 2007


As I mentioned, I hardly ever have to come here anymore.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could spend a few minutes here one time and not be able to report intrusive, disruptive, anti-social behavior?

Currently, there is a woman lounging in the “teen” section carrying on a loud, personal conversation on her cell-phone– complete with headset. Her voice level is beyond even normal, conversational tones: it is at the sub-shout that many people consistently use in mobile phone calls.

This has been going on for nearly twenty minutes; the first ten minutes were spent at the catalog computers in the middle of the library.

May I add that the rest of the library is filled with patrons who are either adults working silently and intently at computers or tables, or are children attending story hour? The message is that these “patrons” (this one, by the way, is now lying flat on her back on the teen section floor, redialing) somehow outrank all the the other users of the library, since they are allowed to hijack the environment day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, with complete staff assent.

If there ever is another election requesting increased funding for this library, I will not only vote against it, but will seek a way to actively campaign against it…

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