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halloween’s last echo

November 10, 2007

When I lived in Connecticut, I’d go outside at night during the first week of October and it always felt like Christmas—Connecticut October feels like California mid-December. There, Halloween was cold and dark, with the last of the leaves swirling around in icy wind gusts, not the golden dreamtime it is here. We had 40-50 trick-or-treaters, which probably translates into 15-20 doorbell rings. All ages… the past couple of years, however, we’ve noticed they tend to come to the other side of the street, and then go on around the block without crossing over. Perhaps the company there is a better draw, or maybe it’s just enlightened self-interest. We always knew where the best candy was, and these kids seem even better informed. A fifth-grader at Muir told me they were going to trick-or-treat in “downtown Antioch” because they gave large-sized candy bars, not “those little things for little kids,” and “when they run out of candy, they give you money!”

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