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November 28, 2007

It’s winter now, but temperate winter. I walked downtown this morning, to pick up a check, and some mail, and to get a bracelet repaired.

It was cold, but dry and clear. The river was so blue! It’s nice to see single proprietors opening shops: the bead store, the tea shop, the religious goods store. I hate being so poor that I can’t support them more regularly; all my purchases are infrequent and small. It must be hard for them to stay afloat, though each of those women have a well-defined and devoted clientele, and run their shops like a business, i.e. they’re actually open during the hours they have posted, they’re cordial to customers, etc. I always see people in their shops, even though there are so few people downtown; same with the quilt store, the Red Geranium, and Fine Things… As quiet as downtown remains, there is a little core of stores and restaurants that always makes it worth a visit. Personally, I wish it would stay as lovely and peaceful as it is—I dread what the City Council might think up next to destroy it…

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