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crossing the bar

December 4, 2007

It always burned me up that I never got to go to Blu’s before it, uh… burned up. I did go to its successor a few times, mostly during their off hours, and when they weren’t setting up for a biker wake, or holding a stabbing outside the front door, it was a good place to sit and talk and eat taquitos. That place is gone now too, replaced by “Captain Kirk’s,” which I am obviously longing to go to as well. The last time Richard was out here, we almost went in, but decided to pass, for reasons which shall remain unnamed for now.

One place we did go was the ABC Rendezvous, because, yes, I’d always wanted to go in. You know, you see these places for half your life, and even if you don’t plan to frequent them, you’d at least like to drop by once or twice and see what they’re like. Remember The Joker that used to be on A Street? Now that was one crazy and menacing-looking place. Louise told me how she used to run past it every day on her way home from school—it was too creepy to walk past at a normal rate. I think it was gone before we were of age.

Anyway, here’s the story I heard through the grapevine about the ABC, as we were driving to the US Steel Christmas party last Saturday. One evening not long ago someone got royally enraged at the bartender, and after they closed came back with a friend, walked up onto the roof, took a gas line and stuffed it back down into the building so it would vent into the bar. It ran for two days and not only filled the bar with natural gas but also the car dealership and garage next door. Someone eventually came by and smelled it and alerted the police, etc. who got there in time to clear the fumes, and the perpetrators were arrested on several charges, but supposedly there was so much gas by the time the crime was discovered that a single spark or light switch would have exploded the entire block…

Carrie Nation, we’re ready for you now!!!
*narrows eyes and swings hatchet*

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