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good christmas presents, bad christmas presents

December 29, 2007

It’s in weather like this that you miss the Wallace Arms. Freezing fog. You can sleep till 9:00 in the morning and it’s still barely light.

I haven’t posted much because I’ve barely been outside the front door in the last week. I did go to Raley’s on Christmas Eve Day and it was, of course, extremely crowded, and I noticed something interesting: everybody is in Raley’s on Christmas Eve. Not just a lot of people, but every kind of person that lives in town is there on the night before Christmas.

We had a great Christmas dinner at North South Dragon, which I highly recommend. Its location is a little bleak, but that disappears the minute you get inside. However, to our sorrow, we discovered that our wonderful Afghan restaurant, in the same center, is now closed. What a loss. Diversity of any kind in Antioch always seems to be an uphill fight.

Maybe that’s partly because we have a mayor who believes supporting diversity=attracting more rich people.

Now I will rate the light displays on adjoining streets:

Clayburn Road: looks wonderful– modest, beautiful displays on lots and lots of houses.

Longview Road: surprisingly unlit.

Camby Road: we are the winner, with lovely lit decorations up and down the whole street, and the flagship pair, the candy cane chimney house and the music/light show house, as the central attractions, across the street from each other.

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