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April 15, 2008

A little after four this afternoon I walked down to the post office to mail my taxes.

You’re my witness: I mailed my state and federal taxes on April 14, 2008 c.4:40 P.M. At the Antioch Main Post Office.

It was so warm yesterday; today it was cooler and by afternoon the wind had come up. I was a little reluctant to go out in it, being a bit tormented by allergies right now, but I didn’t have much choice. When I went out the door, the wind was ROARING. Every few minutes a gust would come that nearly knocked me off my feet… and I’m not the Flying Nun stunt double that I was fifteen years ago, any more!

As I was hurrying down Lone Tree Way, trying to stay upright, a woman stepped out in front of me. She was about six feet tall, no lightweight, wearing a sweatsuit and barefoot. She was swaying a little. “Do you have a cigarette?” she asked. (Why do people always ask me that? Do I LOOK like I would have a cigarette?) “No, I’m sorry,” I said, “no cigarettes… don’t smoke…” She looked at me mournfully. I literally had nothing with me but my two envelopes, except “I have candy,” I said, “do you want that?” “Yeah,” she said. So I reached into my pocket and gave her a handful of grape Jolly Ranchers.

Well, she walked away looking like it was a consolation prize, but that was the best I could do!

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