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eye of the beholder

April 30, 2008

So, I think I heard on the news that the state legislature rushed through a bill that would make it a crime for real estate companies, etc. that own foreclosed properties to let them become run-down and blighted, thereby bringing down the neighborhood.

Everybody’s a criminal.

I think they specifically mentioned “overgrown with weeds.” Since I don’t really subscribe to the idea of weeds in the first place, it’s hard for me to get very excited about this particular obsession.

I’m a little more upset about the house two doors down, which has had what appears to be an Always Maxi-Pad with wings stuck on the For Sale sign for two months, with the words “haha” written on it. I know the agents have been by in that time, because they have refilled the container with flyers. But it’s too much trouble to remove it, or of course, to water the lawn. They’re really knocking themselves out on that whole curb appeal thing.

You know, I’d be glad to water the lawn; I’ve even thought of offering. Two years ago this was a lovely and impeccably maintained house; now it’s practically a derelict. Do we really have to make everything on earth a crime just to inspire a little care and consideration?

By the way, I may have mentioned it before, but the newer areas of Antioch have c. 2 1/2 times the foreclosure rate of Stockton, always named as a national leader…

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