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oh the dreadful wind and rain

May 26, 2008

Carole came out last Wednesday; we hung out downtown at Rick’s and Riverview and walked around. It was such a beautiful day; the stifling, humid, burning weather backed off for visitors. We sat on a bench on the wooden bridge between first street and L Street (the same one where Caitlyn decided to get me a razor scooter, when she was ten). Carole thought it was cool that trains went by.

Ha. Antioch excitement.

We also stopped in at the Catholic goods store. The owner demonstrates her saintliness by always being welcoming to me, despite the fact that, after one major purchase two years ago, I’ve hardly bought anything except a couple of laminated holy cards. Anyway, Carole thought she had an interesting selection of books, too; a lot of solid books on theology and traditional spirituality besides the ones like “Why We Should Not Apologize For The Spanish Inquisition.”

However, downtown needs some new places to eat and drink. Rick’s is fine, but it would be nice to have something not aimed at the retired/stay-at-home set.

The replacement for the Wallace Arms, by the way, is an obnoxious biker bar with naked girl pictures in the window.

Thursday I went out to Deer Valley in the morning. The winds were gale force all day, and luckily they were at my back when I was going to work, or I probably would have been quite late. As it was, I think they took about five minutes off my transit time, just like I was a little plane with a strong tailwind.

On the way back they were still blowing pretty wildly, so I probably should have known better, but I decided to leave Lone Tree Way and see if I could find a bike path cut-through that would take me off the exhaust-polluted thoroughfares. I walked a way up Deer Valley Road (I think) and found a path entrance, so I started to follow it, as it climbed higher and higher between housing developments to the crest of the hills. It was a very lovely view once you got up there: you could see that there were hills left, but also how hideously the frenzied house-building had spread in every direction. It probably would have been beautiful up there in the springtime, though now the grass was completely dry and the wind, unknown to me at the time, was full of forest-fire-generated particulates being slammed into my lungs. I eventually came out at Lone Tree Elementary (found it!) and should have gone back to the main road, but I could see the path starting up another hill on the other side of the street, so I decided to try another segment. VERY DUMB. By the time I got to the top of the second hill I was feeling rather shaky, and was probably fairly dehydrated; I made my way down, came out around Dallas Ranch (found it!) and went back down Mokulemne to Lone Tree Way. I did see a third section of the path, but by this time it was going what I think was due south, so it really wasn’t going to get me anywhere near home any time soon.

And I was so sure there was a path up there, just above Lone Tree Way, behind the hedges and undergrowth. Ha ha. These aren’t bike paths either; they’re way too steep and windy (that’s windy with a long i). I’d like to go back up there sometime, though, in a better season and better prepared– like maybe with some water and a cell phone.

They’ve been holding the promise of showers before us all weekend, but they’ve never materialized; only the relentless wind and a sky full of clouds and luminescent fallout.

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  1. May 26, 2008 6:59 PM

    I hope the meaty post means that you’re feeling better. :)
    I have yet to find a great place to eat downtown. Rick’s is good, but like you said it’s for the older set (plus, you get tired of the same old). That health food restaurant on G Street (can’t remember the name of it) is just ok. The Mexican place is gawdawful. I won’t step foot in Riverview again after my last inedible experience. And Humphrey’s is overpriced/mediocre. So what’s left?

    • May 26, 2008 7:52 PM

      Beer Garden! I dare you to go there for lunch with me.
      Naomi and Roy have been promising to take me there for years, but they never will.
      I’d like to be all cheerful and say I’m feeling better, but I still feel horrible. I suppose I feel better than I did on Saturday, when I was lying in bed trying not to move a single muscle.
      And I can taste dust/ash in the air!

      • May 26, 2008 10:03 PM

        Do they actually serve food at the beer garden? It looks scary from the outside. It might be awhile…I’ll have to get up my courage for that one. ;)
        Well, I hope you feel CONSIDERABLY better by tomorrow. If not, though…please feel free to call me and I will give you a ride to work in the morning. I’m serious.

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