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I’m sharing the secret with you

June 20, 2008

Cindy called late yesterday afternoon and said she was in Napa and that was so near my house and what if she came by to visit? So for the first part of the conversation I was attempting to express my happiness that we would get a chance to see each other while still trying to process the idea that Napa was close to Antioch. Huh, I wish!

I made her go to Riverview. I like to sit by the water! I’m sorry. We’d been there once before, several years ago, and because it was crowded we sat on the raccoon side, and even though I scared her to death telling her how terrible the food was, she ended up having a calimari steak which was at least acceptable. This time it was actually crowded again, so we sat in the bar. And we looked through the menu a long time for something risk-free, and she ended up having bacon and eggs and I had a club sandwich.

This is the secret of Riverview: salt pork. An American staple and almost impossible to ruin. Just skip the seafood and the pie and the frog legs and everything else they’re supposedly there for and get something with bacon. I usually get a BLT. There is practically no such thing as bad bacon. And we got to see a really fabulous sunset, and we enjoyed every minute of it even though we knew it was caused by all the particulates in the air because of the fires. And it was a beautiful beautiful summer evening.

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