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deus ex machina

July 18, 2008

Last July I was given an old old old but tough and loyal computer, and exactly one year ago today I connected to the internet from the comfort of my home and I never had to endure the agony of having to go to that HELLHOLE which used to be the Antioch Public Library EVER AGAIN.

And so I never had to write “Live From The Library” entries either. But lest you forget… I’ll just say I was down there a few days ago (I still, unfortunately, need to occasionally pick up books) and just to keep the atmosphere consistent, the most obnoxious young woman imaginable was sitting at the tables in the center, a laptop in front of her, an earpiece in her ear, declaiming her lines in her ongoing personal ‘phone conversation in tones suitable for Shakespeare in the Park. This went on the entire time I was there, and there was no corner of the room in which it did not dominate every other sound.

I LOATHE that place.

If you ever went to the old Carnegie library downtown, walked under the trees to the purposeful, excited hush within, and searched for new books in a place that let you know, wordlessly, that learning, knowledge, new worlds, even scholarship were here for everyone to embrace…

I found Lost Queen of Egypt on those shelves; I can still remember which shelf.

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