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end of the line

August 27, 2008

There are at least three vacant houses on our section of the block. Modest little houses which a couple of years ago were all inhabited and meticulously maintained.

A couple of days ago, on the way to the grocery store, I walked past one which I thought was vacant and saw a car in the driveway. I thought maybe I’d been mistaken– though it still looked abandoned and there was no sign of it being sold.

Today on the way home from the store, a police car was parked in the street and two of my neighbors were standing on the curb. I stopped to ask what the trouble was; they said that apparently someone had taken up residence in the house, and one of them had noticed and called the police. She said her main concern had been that someone was cooking something in there, and that’s a totally valid concern. However, she said the police thought they were just camping– i.e. just living. The other neighbor, a childhood friend, kept insisting, “If they don’t belong there, we don’t want them there.”

Well, true. It’s unsettling. But how desperate do you have to be, to do this. And where is justice, really? The town is lousy with empty commercial spaces and vacant houses. And yet people are homeless, and living on the street.

The other neighbor said that the police couldn’t enter the house without going through a certain set of procedures, apparently something new since there are now so many abandoned houses; I didn’t get the details. I really wonder if– hope that– the end of the ridiculously high housing prices will ultimately return things to a more reasonable state. Because the way it has been, and is right now, is wrong.

I’ve been looking for a place to move this journal; I was hoping for WordPress, but apparently I (that is the techno-I) am too antique to log in there, even though I could sign up fine. So there is a libbiali waiting there, but I can’t get to it. I won’t share this space with ads, so I guess it’ll be on hiatus, for the duration…

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  1. July 7, 2010 1:27 PM

    I think it’s better if the houses are lived in too, for the houses and everything.. – If the people are okay-ish, of course..

    A friend of mine was brave enough to live with squatters in London, I never was brave enough, lol..

    great to see you’re not so antique anymore, and still antique enough!! :)

    As for the ads, just as long as you keep those belly-ads away from me, I’m fine!! :)

    • libbiali permalink
      July 9, 2010 11:10 PM

      Weren’t those APPALLING? They were the last straw.

      But you know, now they have those blackout ads– they’re really the most monstrous things I’ve ever seen. The one good thing about dial-up is you can kill them before they actually load.

      Hooray for Blogger and WordPress!!!

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