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the shining path

April 18, 2010

mustard in bloom on mokulmne trail

Here’s a bit of the path between our streets. I didn’t get out to photograph it at its greenest, but it’s still quite lovely. If you go down the path in the other direction, you’ll find little stands of poppies and lupines as well.

This will be cut down in its prime, probably in a couple of days. I suppose it’s a fire hazard, but it destroys life cycles and habitats; I wish they would wait a bit longer.

The last expanse of original land on Lone Tree Way was destroyed in March. I saw a crane landing there last year. For a CVS pharmacy. There is already a CVS pharmacy several blocks down, not to mention vacant store buildings all along the way.

I can’t even describe the pain anymore of seeing this kind of wanton destruction. There’s just no place to put it.

I hope the entire chain goes under.

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  1. July 7, 2010 1:19 PM



    Can you buy it and save it?

    Yuck, pharmacies! – Just what the world needs, more poison to cure the poison??
    (Oops, people not ill enough, let’s add some poison into textiles and furniture – Oops, we’re doing that laready!
    Let’s just take away clean air and Nature. – Good idea.)


    Beautiful land, you live in an awesome place – didn’t know that before!
    (I mean, apart from the pharmacies, it seems..)

    We only have one, quite enough.

    • libbiali permalink
      July 9, 2010 10:59 PM

      It was very lovely, once. In the past decade, much of it has been totally destroyed. And now, where we once had beautiful fields, orchards and wetlands, we now have parking lots and vacant store buildings.

      California is the most beautiful place on earth. The people who lived here originally kept it that way for ten thousand years.

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