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living on the edge

September 5, 2010

I offer you this to help you get a better idea of where Antioch is. It is not rural, and never really was rural in the sense of agricultural, though it has been, always and forever, out in the sticks.

You say out in the sticks like it’s a bad thing.

Yes, I used to hate it. Now I wish I could get most of it back, especially the land.

A few months ago we went to Riverview and they gave me a white placemat. WHAT IS THIS? WHERE IS THE RIVERVIEW PLACEMAT? (The one which, up until recently, you had to eat your bread off of, because they never gave you plates.)

The waitress informed me that the printer who had made them for years had gone out of business. New printers wanted way too much, so they were still looking for someone to take over.

Someone suggested the old printer was Philip Garrido. I have no evidence for this however.

Meanwhile, they were using white placemats. But a little while later, she went behind the counter and got me one of these. I’m still looking for a way to frame it, but I thought it would be a nice backup to take a photograph. I tried to leave it large enough so you can read the locations, although it probably helps if you already know what they say.

See, I got through the whole entry without making a single comment about the food.

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