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born free

September 26, 2010

wild kitty

What do cats really want? It’s hard to tell.

Lots of feral cats down by the river. I took this picture the same night I took the Campanil, and House of Wax, and the dance video. It was warm and dry. These kitties were well-established down on First Street, between the Lynn House and the brothel.

Do they wish for a human home? Probably not on a summer night. They seem to do pretty well. And if they live near the Riverview, they’re really in luck: those ladies feed them well, I know for a fact.

Some of them were much smaller, but I didn’t get their faces. I’ve posted them elsewhere. The days are getting shorter now, though. It’s hard to be a little tiny cat, with no place to come in from the cold.

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  1. Kenna permalink
    September 26, 2010 4:53 PM

    Cats are weird. We have a lot of strays left from a feral colony, and even though they are mostly tame, a lot of them still don’t want to come in our house, or don’t want to come in for long. They let me feed them and let me pet them, and many of them will come inside but then they are begging to be let out less than ten minutes after they have come in. And it’s always really cold here, so you would think they’d like being in the warm house, but no.

  2. libbiali permalink
    September 27, 2010 12:44 PM

    There’s something about cats– they always seem to value their independence. I mean, I don’t think they’re capable of that kind of abstract thinking, but they have a thousand different ways to let you know that you still don’t own them. I kind of respect that.

    Thanks for commenting her, by the way– I appreciate having it on the page.

    You know, it makes it look like someone actually reads it, now and then!

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