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delta kings and queens

October 5, 2010

not really a brothel-- at least not anymore

So, when I said the kitties were happily ensconced between the art gallery and the brothel, did y’all just think “Yeah. Antioch.”

Because it’s not that bad. Really.

But the story is, this used to be a brothel. That when riverboats came by, this is where they could stop for some fun. You know that scene towards the end of “How The West Was Won,” when they’re on a riverboat? That riverboat.

I know– every old waterfront building between here and Sacramento has that story told about it. But really, it looks like it could be, doesn’t it?

but it looks like it could be doesn't it?

It makes me think of those balconies in Charleston, when they had to go find Rhett Butler, where he was hanging out with the friendly blonde madam. Antioch was never that upscale. Still, there was a lot going on here, once upon a time…

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