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fulton j. shipyard

October 16, 2010

We were driving around last Monday…

I don’t walk around nearly as much as I used to. I miss it; you just don’t see things from the same angle, in a car.

Anyway, we were driving around last Monday, and my sister said, “Have you been by Humphrey’s? They’re getting rid of the park– they’re going to put the boat ramp over there.”

At first I thought she meant the Marina park, but apparently that’s connected to the wetlands and not so easy to destroy. She was talking about the lovely park area on the other side of Humphrey’s– the part with grass, and trees, and tables, intermingled with riverside vegetation.

We drove by it. There was heavy equipment everywhere, and it was a flat, arid wasteland.

Is cement the answer to everything in this town?

Apparently this is part of another scheme to bring people down to this area. Notwithstanding the fact that there’s still a thriving restaurant over at the shipyard, which I’m guessing won’t be so thriving anymore.

We watched the last cranes being built at the shipyard, and then be transported downriver. This is what one friend of mine, a former resident, refers to as “Antioch fun.” But it was fun! we used to go into the offices and talk to them occasionally. After that, of course, it died and was no more.

Over at the other location, before it was landscaped as a park, my sister said she found her first bottle, the beginning of their large and impressive bottle collection. Her husband-to-be was battling a sturgeon, when she saw something shining in the ground. It turned out to be a Chinese opium bottle, verified by Kovel’s.

I didn’t have my camera with me; she offered to take a picture with her ‘phone, but I told her not to bother. You know what cement looks like.

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