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dark advent

December 5, 2010

Walking home last Sunday night, it seemed that Christmas lights were still few and far between. The past couple of years, am I wrong to think they’ve been later to appear, and less extravagant? Maybe I’m just projecting. But for awhile, it seemed like half of them went up the week before Thanksgiving.

A kid on a scooter was following me, I think. I passed him on Lone Tree Way, and he suddenly reappeared as I was about to turn onto my own street. Asked me what time it was. I stopped and turned on the ‘phone and told him. He kept up behind me, asking questions, and finally started saying incomprehensible several times in a row– messing with me. Not particularly threatening, but perhaps a bit malicious. I wasn’t crazy about having him see where I lived. I asked him if everything were all right; he said he was just bored.

Having never been bored, I have a hard time with that. How can you be bored when you’re fifteen?

Things just seem a little bleak. They’ve been bleak for me for a long time, but I mean everywhere. And what’s with this town and kids getting shot? It’s enough to break your heart. In the twenty-five years I’ve been back here, there seem to be some every year: accidentally, on purpose, accidentally on purpose, everything in between.

Anyway, there was a break between rainstorms on Saturday and suddenly everyone was out on this street in the afternoon, putting up their lights. By evening, the whole street was in Christmas mode, although some of the big players are still in process. The people across the street from me have had theirs up since right after Thanksgiving, and they always do a nice job. I’ve been trying to take a picture through my window, but I haven’t had too much success. However, I’ll make a bit more of an effort, and try to bring you some things in living color, pretty soon.

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