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the cool of the day

January 20, 2011

birds resting on heavy equipment at Antioch Marina

I took this picture the same day I took the ship, further down. There were more birds in person; I had to poke my camera through the chicken wire again, so it wasn’t so easy to aim. There seems to be a hell of a lot of chicken wire around, these days.

This is the wasteland created in the blink of an eye where the park used to be, at the marina. Courtesy of a city which is asking for donations to pay its police force. Because we really really need a new boat ramp.

I always wonder what goes through a bird’s head when it comes back to a place which yesterday was green and shaded, and today is nothing but dirt. Is there any rage involved, or sorrow? Or at least confusion?

In all fairness, probably not. It’s probably more like, “Huh?… oh look, there’s a worm, no it’s MINE.”

Anyway, I thought this was funny. It reminded me of people who use their NordicTrack to hang up their laundry.

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