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February 8, 2011
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Well, some people wanted to know what the name of the marina sculpture is, if it’s not really Three Sheets To The Wind. The fact that I was never aware that it had a name means nothing, since there are many things of which I am emphatically not aware.

However, a good friend on LiveJournal with better research skills than I kindly found this documentation. Because, as I said, I was not aware that such a catalogue existed. And the piece is apparently untitled, for which I am glad. Without a title, it invites all kinds of associations which might otherwise be excluded.

For instance, I was also asked if the wires were support structures; I don’t think they are, though I don’t know for sure. But they always make me think of the great bridges: the Golden Gate, and the new Bay Bridge that will be, towards which the river is hurrying every moment of every day.

Sometimes I just have to wax poetic.

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