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on the pilgrim way

February 16, 2011

Antioch’s a pretty old town by California standards; it’s not a Spanish town, but it got off the ground near enough to the Gold Rush to have once been mission territory, so it rates a Dominican parish. One of its few benefits.

If you’d like to correct my history, go ahead. It’s impressionistic, to say the least.

Anyway, because of that, we had a distinguished visitor this afternoon. She only stayed for a few hours, but still– exciting.

Not my picture, and not in this place. It’s snatched straight off the internets, I’m sorry to say. Lacking complete confidence in my relic-venerating etiquette, I was somewhat reluctant to whip out my camera, though I had it with me. Good enough, though, for both the relic and the reliquary. Imagine out your grandmother’s carpet.

This is part of the tibia of St. Mary Magdalene. The Dominicans keep an eye on it in France, and it came here with a Dominican escort. It was a little spooky, and a lot more amazing, to think of where this bone had walked, and with whom.

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