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to see the cherry hung with snow

February 20, 2011

Yes, yes, you know it’s spring around here when I start quoting Housman. It’s been raining all week and I was all set to regale you with spring pictures, flowers and rippling grass, when nature got other ideas…

snow on Mt. Diablo February 2011-- view from Brentwood

Snow is a spiritual event in the Bay Area. Around here we almost never see it on the ground, but sometimes it comes down close enough that we can lift our eyes unto it. As it did this week. So if you’re somewhere with five months of snow on the ground, somewhere the snow is BLACK, you can look upon this and remember.

Cherry blossoms and wind and rain and snow probably are not a good combination, from an agricultural point of view. I’m guessing the growers still left around here are not thrilled. But oh how lovely everything is, all at once.

This view is from Brentwood. By the time I thought of running up to look, it was most likely gone. Once you’ve appreciated it completely, give a quick click here and take another moment to appreciate a few more.

Original picture by Naomi Griffin.

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