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sumer is icumen in

May 29, 2011

It’s coming quietly this year. Do I miss a hundred degree blast in May? No, I do not. And the little bit of rain now and then washes the days clear and keeps everything in bloom. I can’t remember having sweet peas in June before.

I’ve posted most of the pictures I took last summer and fall. This winter I’ve been a recluse. These are almost the last ones. I need to start wandering again, if I can find the spirit to do it.

You know I’m loyal to Juarez. When it comes to low prices, wonderful food, bad health rating and community presence, they strike the perfect balance. We used to eat at this place occasionally, down on Second Street. But the food is pretty awful, even though the location is nice– better than the Antioch Center parking lot.

We went back again the other day; the food was still the same. Worse. But even though it’s just a little corner building, the evening sun slants in in the loveliest way. Inside they have murals of a Mexican village, with empty streets and sand-colored adobe. They are labeled “Pueblo Nuevo,” like the name of the establishment.

I tried to ask the waitress about it. “Is this a real place?” — the name sounds suspiciously generic. “Yes.” she said. “Which state is it in?” I asked. She shook her head dismissively, “I don’t know.” She didn’t speak much English. “Chihuahua? Guerrero?” suddenly I’m blanking on Mexican states. “I don’t know,” she said.

I don’t think it’s a real place. I think it’s somewhere you want to be, like the New Jerusalem.

I took the pictures because the aqua building was so warm and radiant, last July.

It used to be a Chinese restaurant. Melania and her family ate there all the years she was growing up. The old owners eventually retired. When we went back, last week, the building had reverted to beige. The kingdom yet to come only interfaces with us for brief moments.

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