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the marine layer

July 20, 2011

evening fog in the west, from Chichibu Park

When I read about the extreme heat in the rest of the country, it gives me, uh, chills? Too much heat is terrifying and impossible to escape. Not that it hasn’t been excessively hot here, this summer, but when I’m complaining about humidity, I’m complaining about 30%. The thought of 100° is St. Louis makes me want to keel over and die.

We have a break in the heat when the fog moves back in. We don’t usually see it out here, but we get the breezes and the luminous sunshine that makes every day seem like the last days of Lothlorien. One evening, about a week ago, the fog was lying directly on top of the hills to the west. I didn’t have my camera, and the next night it wasn’t so dramatic. And my battery was dying. Still, you can get a glimpse of what keeps the inferno at bay.


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