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round two hundred

October 19, 2011

Well, I did not realize that it had progressed to this, but luckily it had.

The Walmart expansion project, which I mentioned here, was taken to court after the city did a weaselly reverse of its initial rejection and approved it.

Because that’s how they work: normal citizens get tired, and run out of money, and have their attention turned to other priorities. Walmart never does.

The city’s excuse, as I understood it, was “They’ll sue us!!!”

Personally, I think there are other factors involved, and that was something of a cover. However, even if it was the main issue, all I can say is, sometimes you have to fight back. City money has been spent on worse causes.

I’m linking to the article in the Mercury, since the Times tends to lock up its stories after a few days, and you have to pay to get them out. Maybe the Mercury does too– let me know if it won’t work.

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