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October 25, 2011

Let’s see, I woke up to the news that about 500 riot police had descended on a few hundred protesters at Occupy Oakland, sometime in the pre-dawn hours. Yes, they did say five hundred.

Apparently we were a little bit occupied too; you can sort of read about it here.

Well, there’s a way to go before filling up the city. I’m not sure a weekend rally now and then is going to do it. I think you have to sleep there.

Maybe something on the Antioch Bridge? Though, maybe not. A little more precarious than the Brooklyn Bridge.

Still, I admire and applaud the people who had the guts to go out and make a stand. But I’m just going to say one thing: there are also other ways to protest corporate robbery, that may be a necessary companion to demonstrations. And everyone can take a deep breath and do some of it, if they really care.

Just say no.

Resist. DON’T CO-OPERATE. Shop local. Shop independent. Grow your own. Pay a little more and eat a little less. Walk around. Throw your so-called health insurance in the garbage. Drop cable. Pay cash. Become a Carthusian.

Do I do all that? Uh, no. It’s kind of individual, where you start. But if everyone started saying no, just a little, it could make a pretty big difference.

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