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antioch saturday night

December 4, 2011

I ran downtown to the post office right after 4:00. Well anyway, I walked real fast. There was a bill that took a little side trip, somehow, and it needed to go out ASAP.

I stopped at the convenience-slash-liquor-store on the way back to buy a roll of Lifesavers. It added fifteen minutes to my return trip. There were about ten people in line buying lottery tickets. It was quite a crowd, to say the least. Hope springs eternal– I hope they all win.

I got back just in time to go down to the Boat Parade. Haven’t I told you this is the best thing in Antioch? WHY do they say in the paper every year that it starts at six o’clock? They NEVER start at six o’clock; they start at 5:30, as soon as it gets dark. If you go at six o’clock, you’ll pretty much miss it.

It was beautiful. I’ll write a separate post on it. I relied on the kindness of not-strangers to take pictures for me on their awesome state-of-the-art phones, and I’m waiting for those to come in.

I luckily have access to a nice little camera, but I forgot to charge the batteries in time. Our phones are ten-year-old flip phones which do not take pictures; they are more than adequate for our needs. That bill that went astray? It was for the exorbitant monthly charge we are paying for phones that get used maybe five minutes a month. And it had a late fee on on it. Occupy Verizon.

Afterwards, we went to eat at Bases Loaded. It’s the only thing open down there at night, except for Riverview, and as I said in a previous entry, our relationship with Riverview has been suspended indefinitely.

I personally didn’t think we needed another sports bar around here, but no one asks me what should get built in Antioch. They got some kind of huge grant/loan from the city to put this thing up. It’s a nice space, and the food has always been decent and plentiful. They’ve been steadily cutting their hours, though, in the past few months, and they’re clearly in trouble.

At six-thirty there were maybe two parties in the whole place, on a Saturday night. Even the bar was almost empty. We were cold, and ordered coffee right away. They said they were out.

So we ordered some water, and sandwiches. The sliders my brother-in-law got were supposed to come with cheese, but instead they came with some weird cocktail sauce, which he had to scrape off.

The woman behind us ordered a cheeseburger. It also came without cheese, and without comment.

We finally asked them about it. They said they were out.

They were setting up for live music at 9:00; hopefully more people come in then. I don’t know, the Wallace Arms was out of everything, all the time, and they lasted quite a few years. Their food on their best day was worse than Bases Loaded on its worst. But times were different then. People have less discretionary cash to spend at a bar, and even those who need to drink, may drink at home. Thunderbird was made for times like these.

I hate to watch it, though. I hate to see someone’s well-conceived enterprise go under, and I hate the thought of another dark, empty building.

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  1. December 11, 2011 1:22 PM

    you know how to take us right into your (strange) little town….

    • E. A. Peregrine permalink
      December 13, 2011 6:47 PM

      Thank-you! That’s the nicest comment ever.

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