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local talent

December 18, 2011

There’s no Christmas tree downtown this year, from what I can tell. We even looked out by the water park, to see if they’d moved it, but… nothing.

HOWEVER, there is something Christmasy in the underused Nick Rodriguez Theater– a charming production of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

We thought it was going to be community theater, with adults. But it wasn’t; it was all kids, albeit older kids, by and large. Everyone was adorable, and a few of them carried the show. Bert and Ernie (who in this version was a mailman) were played by young kids, maybe ten years old. Both just excellent! and I loved that Ernie carried his mailbag even when he was out Christmas caroling.

And the young man who played Mr. Potter– and I do mean young, maybe middle school age– was the heart of the production. He had me convinced he really was a horrid, obnoxious old man. I’d love to see him play Scrooge.

Lovely sets, and an awesome and well-used snow machine: special effects! There was even entertainment during intermission. We had a great time. Now if only there were a cafe down there, where you could go and wait for the reviews.

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