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Brandy, you’re a fine girl

February 3, 2012

the city of Antioch clean up truck

Would you like to have this parked in front of your house?

In case you aren’t sure, I’ll just tell you that this was the last of a triumvirate of sewer maintenance vehicles that arrived here on Saturday night. Embarrassing, some? thank goodness it was after dark. But actually, they were our saviors.

What started as nothing more than some slow draining was emphatically NOT FIXED and turned into a disaster by the incompetent private plumber we called. A plumber, I might add, from a local company that we’ve used in the past and who were always completely courteous and expert. I’ve been discovering, though, that during the past year, a lot of people have apparently had cause to complain.

Anyway, that guy eventually hauled his surly, sloppy self out of here, telling us we’d better call the city, if we could. So, having no other option, that’s what we did.

The city guy called us back very quickly. He was concerned, articulate, knowledgeable, and came over within half an hour. He found their own slightly-buried cleanout in the dark in less than five minutes, and then went away to get the next truck, and a partner.

The first guy’s name was Michael; his partner was Brandy. She was the same as he was: competent, tough, and reassuring. By then, thanks to what had gone on before, it was a messy job, but they fixed everything in a short time (it was tree roots out in the street, not actually in our line), with a minimum of nonsense. You can’t imagine what a relief it was.

I can’t say enough about the kind, professional conduct of these city workers, or about how important it is to the well-being of a community to maintain reliable, accessible services like this.

After they left, Brandy returned with the last truck, the one you see above. The CLEAN-UP truck. It was even bigger than the root-blaster truck, believe it or not, and they cleaned up the lawn and sidewalk like it had never happened. She went away saying they would come check the line during the week; if any work needed to be done, they would do it.

That’s what makes a good city, or county, folks. That’s what the public sphere is all about. We maintain it together, each according to his abilities, and it’s there to serve everyone.

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