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my last ed norton tribute post

February 12, 2012

OK, I promise I’ll drop it after this, ’cause anyone who reads this blog and my other one are a little sick of this story, as well they should be. It’ll never be over for me, but that’s not your problem.

Thanks to my dedicated newspaper-reading mother, who really should get a job like that girl did in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, I bring you this letter from the Contra Costa Times. I’m linking it, but I’ll quote it too, because their links have a way of disappearing.

Dear Editor:

We constantly see letters bemoaning how awful things are in Antioch. This weekend our sewer backed up after American Plumbing had installed a new line out to the city connection. I called public works, and then called the emergency number listed. I was surprised when a few minutes later a truck was at our clean-out, cleaning out the obstruction. They were so fast and efficient, I never had a chance to thank them for this thankless task.

I walk to work in Rivertown Antioch and have seen how diligently our city crews work to sweep, trim and keep things looking nice. I’ve also seen local business people and seniors out with brooms keeping the sidewalks swept.

We may not have much, but the people we do have, work hard and the volunteers pitch in. So, despite of budget cuts, I’m still proud to call Antioch my hometown.

Martha Goralka
Contra Costa (East County) Times 2-8-2012

You’ll recognize the major players from my little drama. I just want to add her voice to mine. I wish I could add mine to hers– she gets a lot more airplay, and I agree with her completely. But she has, I believe, some kind of formal connection with the city. So you should believe ME. You know I’ll call a spade a spade.

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