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Indepenance Day

July 9, 2012

Antioch fireworks on the river July 4, 2012

The Fourth of July weekend is over now, right? I think two weeks is long enough. The people across the street were still blowing things up in their backyard this afternoon (they have particularly intractable obsessions with fireworks and car washing), but tonight, finally, all is quiet.

Nice picture, yes? I didn’t take it. As for the title, that’s what they were calling it on Twitter. I spent several minutes trying to decide whether it was indeed modern American spelling, or if it actually had something to do with penance, but after reading a representative sample of posts, I determined that neither the word nor the concept was likely in the repertoire of any of the posters.

I don’t know, I think Independence Day could use a little penance. It’s been awfully triumphalist lately.

The fact that there were fireworks downtown again this year did absolutely nothing to keep the rest of the town from sounding like Fallujah for a good three hours, not to mention the build-up and the denouement. At about five o’clock, the kid behind me called, “Neighbor! I can hear fireworks. Fireworks everywhere! BOOM.”

He’s three. This is the first time he’s ever called me “neighbor.” Usually he just says, “Are you there?” I told him once that my name was Rebecca, but he said, “WHAT???” like it was the most insane thing he’d ever heard.

Anyway, I’m sorry, this whole fireworks thing is out of control. I mean, they ARE illegal, and for a reason, too. It’s one thing to set off a few roman candles in your driveway, but we sat in our living room and watched at least thirty consecutive starbursts shoot into the sky from the street behind us. Sooner or later that’s going to go terribly wrong. What ever happened to picnics, anyway?

Photo by my niece’s cousin’s cousin’s friend. Used with my niece’s cousin’s permission.

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  1. July 9, 2012 9:40 AM

    I love fireworks, but I am so damn sick of listening to them! Especially since most of the locals seem to use ones that make lots of noise but no sparkle.

    People probably don’t do picnics anymore because the parks don’t have free Wi-fi.

    • E. A. Peregrine permalink
      July 10, 2012 12:03 AM

      Ha! that’s true, no doubt. And they expect to be in air-conditioning too.

      I love professional fireworks, preferably over water. Like you said these amateur ones have too high of a noise to beauty ratio. I hated them even as a kid, out on the farms.

      However, my neighbors seem to get excited about them endlessly, all year round. I picture toothless, bellowing laughter each time one explodes. They even used to be into caps, as I recall.

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