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my little island

August 28, 2012

Really, that’s what I thought it was for a minute, as we came around the bend on Second Street– a new island. It was further out in the middle of the channel, and it looked a lot larger in person. I was freaked, for a minute.

a barge full of dirt traveling upstream on the San Joaquin River

“It’s a barge with a lot of fill dirt on it,” said my sister. *CALM DOWN* It was moving pretty fast, upstream.

I don’t know where the “fill dirt” comes from. Somewhere there must be a very big hole.

The shores of the river used to be covered with massive dunes. They were carted away long ago. For fill dirt, I guess.

barge, with Kimball island in background

My real little island is the one behind it, Kimball Island. I’ve been looking over at it for most of my life. I’ve never been there. Lately, I’ve begun to think it’s the abode of the dead– the happy dead. It wouldn’t be a bad place to end up.

Photos by Naomi Griffin.

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