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making all things new

May 19, 2013

the mecca

I’ve always been a little hazy on the dividing line between the New Mecca and the old Mecca, if any, but anyway, it now deserves the name, as the old section has been “restored” (cleaned up) and a lovely new section, including outdoor tables, added on. It’s been this way for awhile, I guess, but I don’t get there very often, so it was a surprise to me.

I wrote about downtown Pittsburg awhile back, and it continues to look nice, and there are actually people there on a Saturday afternoon– not millions, but enough to make it feel alive. Not a ghost town like downtown Antioch.

My only complaint is about the hanging flower baskets. I mean, come on. It’s still Pittsburg. It shouldn’t be a place a steelworker is ashamed to walk down the street in.

And by the way, food was great, ambience was great. The waitresses were suspiciously well-endowed. But all in all, if I were a real person, I’d hang out there.

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